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Ruth was a life-saver, helping me at the last minute with urgent legal documents. I recommend her HIGHLY. She went out of her way to truly help me when I was at the end of my rope!

Millicent Accardi

Topanga, CA

We at Mark Friendship Construction are a general building Construction Company. We have serviced Topanga and local areas for the past 30 years. I had always worked from my home office until five years ago when we decided to move to an office space. Our business was growing and we wanted to provide our clients with a comfortable atmosphere.  I was in desperate need of office help and management. I called my friend Ruth, explained the situation and she immediately met with me to assess the damage. We spent an afternoon going over what was needed to make the office run more efficiently.  Within a week’s time, Ruth had transferred all my data files from Mac to PC, backed up my files and set up my new computers and e-mail. She also helped get our website up and running. Leanne, who is part of Ruth’s team, began working with me on all the day-to-day operations. Scott Aaron accommodated my busy work schedule and met with me on weekends and after work to set up my new accounts in QuickBooks. He handles all of my bookkeeping needs remotely, which is very convenient. Whenever I run into a problem or need a spreadsheet built, Scott is just an e-mail away.  Ruth and her outstanding team of professionals truly Multitask! We look forward to using their services for many more years to come!

Mark & Kim Friendship

I have had the pleasure of employing Scott Aaron for bookkeeping services for close to three tax seasons now. Working with Scott at Topanga Office has been a game changer for my business and my peace of mind. Scott is timely, knowledgable, and always keeps my books current and clear. He is considerate, collaborative and works well with my tax accountants. Tax time no longer scares me with him on my team! In addition to the excellent bookkeeping services, he is proactive in supporting other administrative and fiscal aspects of owning a business. He never makes me feel embarrassed for asking a question, and has been invaluable in educating me on various accounting and bookkeeping considerations, state and city tax regulations, and sound budgeting practices. A bookkeeper plays an essential and intimate role in the day-to-day operations of a small business. I am so grateful to employ someone with his caliber of skill and professionalism. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for bookkeeping services. Please feel free to call me directly for any additional information.

Meredith Hines Redding, LMFT SEP CEDS

Scott and Amy Aaron have managed to create order out of the chaos that long was my bookkeeping system for my personal accounts, business accounts and non-profit record keeping. I began working with Topanga Office three years ago and I am happy to recommend them to others who may benefit from their services.

Mitcheal Metzner, PhD, MEd

For several years, Ruth Lundi has been my full-charge bookkeeper for a number of commercial properties I manage throughout Southern California. She's detail-oriented, reliable, prompt and organized. Her paperless office strategies have completely streamlined our operations. I have the highest regard for Ruth and her staff and recommend Topanga Office without reservation.

Benjamin Squire

RK Squire Co.

For many years now, Ruth has been my personal bookkeeper and helped me get ready to file my personal and corporate taxes. She organizes, scans and transmits all the necessary backup information to my accountant and makes the process as painless as it can be. When we were recently collecting information for a re-fi, it was simply amazing how she pulled everything together instantly because she'd been saving it digitally all along. I highly recommend Ruth and her staff to help you with your finances and just about everything else under the sun.

Patricia Tomlinson

Ruth Lundi, Scott Aaron and the Topanga Office staff are superb! Ruth is particularly an amazing problem solver. She is very organized, very professional and has a significant background in legal administration, bookkeeping including QuickBooks, developing executive presentations, project management, office management, etc. Topanga Office has been a great help in running my consulting practice. I would recommend them without reservations.

John D. McLaughlin

I finally found a star of a bookkeeper!  He has finally gotten me caught up and I am so much happier with his service, so much less stress!  Scott offers so much more in terms of clear communication and getting things to me in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Holly O. Hanson

I have been working with Topanga Office Services and Ruth for many years now. They do my bookkeeping and taxes, and help me with a variety of errands and projects. They have helped me to find renters for my cottages, helped me move my elderly mother's belongings from her home and organized all of her documents and personal items exceptionally well. The response is always quick, kind and professional. I really can't say enough good things about Ruth, her staff and her company. I would be in dire straits without them.

Caelo Marroquin


Ruth and her staff helped me to build and create a successful social media presence for my interior design business. I highly recommend her—she is professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.

Madelyn Haward

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